A Small Label The Result Of A Big Idea

Sitting at your home office table one night, do this. Take an empty writing pad and quickly sketch a light bulb. Place this light bulb in the center of this page. Why a light bulb? The light bulb is the representative and iconic image of the great idea. It is the spark of your own creative imagination and personal ambitions. You scratch your head in search of new ideas. You want to innovate and go where no-one else has previously dared to go.

Or if they are tentative, you are enthusiastic about this daring idea of yours; you can be doing something quite unimaginable. The light bulb idea is designed to taunt you. It is there to help jolt you into action, because perhaps at this time, you may feel that you are still short of daring ideas. Take another A4 sized notepad and do the following. Start thinking big on business. While thinking imaginatively about what you could possibly do to bring new customers to your door, doodle on this pad by designing your own small labels and writing up your own logos, all in your own words.

How original is that? Do not attempt to copy and paste what has been done before. Think outside of the box and stretch your imagination as far as it can go. Leave your desk if you must. This is not a bad idea at all. Put on your sneakers, drop pen and paper and go for a nice walk along your favorite paths. Use that time to dream. Keep your feet firmly on the ground as you endeavor to exercise a bit of realism on what may work for your new business ideas.

small labels

And then head off to the internet cafĂ© to learn how to design your own custom labels.