How To Clean A Bathroom

1. The first thing we should prepare is a cleaning kit to start cleaning the bathroom. The kit should be composed of at least garbage bags, gloves, rags, disposable disinfectant wipes, degreasing cleaner, glass cleaner and mirrors, bleach, toilet disinfectant cleaner, brush, cogent, and mop. A maid service Bethesda service will have all the necessary supplies for the job.

2. Once all the material is ready to start cleaning the bathroom, the first thing we have to do is remove all the personal hygiene products, cans, boxes, brushes, colognes, ornaments … everything that could interrupt our cleaning. It is very important to leave all surfaces and spaces of the bathroom free so that we do not interrupt the cleaning.

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3. Once all the products have been removed from the bathroom, we will remove the towels, bathrobes, rugs, rubber mats … and clean the bins.

4. After removing everything that may bother us to clean the bathroom in depth we must pour plenty of bleach into the toilet and let it act for a while, while cleaning other areas of the bathroom. We can also throw bleach in the drains of the bathtub or the sink, so that it cleans the dirt and the germs that accumulate there.

5. While the bleach is performing its disinfecting function, we have to remove the hairs from all areas of the bathroom with patience. The first thing we have to do is sweep the ground carefully and go deeper into hidden corners and holes. With disinfectant wipes we will remove the hairs from the sink, the bathtub or the bidet. Then pass a cloth through the toilets to finish removing the remains of dust or makeup that still remain.