What’s the Cost of a Charter Bus Rental?

A charter bus provides an easy means of transportation for large groups that are traveling. The bus allows everyone to ride together to the location, ensuring more people can attend and that everyone’s safety is intact. But, before the big event, make sure that you know the costs of charter bus service Houston. Many factors weigh in on the costs of the services and you don’t want to face the unexpected when the day to pay arrives.

Charter bus rental costs vary according to the size bus you need. Many sizes are available, each providing its own room and occupancy levels. It is important that you have accurate numbers of those who are riding so you can rent the right size bus for your needs. The larger the bus, the more that it costs.

Mileage also impacts the cost of the bus rental. If you are traveling a long distance, the company likely charges you per mile, though some companies offer per-day charges. This is especially true if the driver must stay over in a specific location. When requesting estimates, do inquire of the method used to determine your rates.

While it is not required, tipping the driver is a good gesture for a job well done. Typical gratuity of 10 to 20% (of the total rental costs) is appreciated and will certainly keep the driver exceeding expectations. Gratuity is not included in the quoted price, so factor this amount in when determining costs. So, a tip of $40 – $80 for a $400 bus rental is acceptable.

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Some people charge each person a trip fee, which greatly reduces the burden of paying for this rental. Other groups hold fundraisers that help them travel inside of a charter bus. If you are concerned with the costs of the bus rental, these are two of the great ways to make those costs less burdensome.